L’inde & the time we don’t want to waste on Internet

Bonjour tout le monde!

Il y a des moments de repos ou on a le temps d’ecrire et de poster des photos. puis on en a marre on prefere vivre le moment reel et releguer les activites informatiques a plus tard!
Voila c’est fait, un petit mois de silence sur le blog cela ne peut etre que salutaire, histoire d’accumuler un peu d’histoires.
De ce pas, ne perdons pas les bonnes habitudes et switchons en Anglais. :)

Last post I wrote, I was still in Vietnam. After that, my pause, I left HCMC and my Vietnamese friends to spend some days in Thailand. I wanted to enjoy a beautiful beach with a coconut juice and blue and warm water! So 4 days in Phuket visiting two friends of my family, Agnese and Italo (thanks!).

After back to BKK and a flight to Kolkata.
The COMPLETE change! After 4 (maybe even more, i’m lazy to count exactly) months of Asian (mongolian, chinese, vietnamese, laos, cambodian and Thai) life I’m completely disorientated. Nothing is like I could imagine! But this is also because it is Kolkata one of the biggest cities in India. New food new people new everything! Wow…

But it is still a big city so i only stay one day just the time to take the metro and visit the Kali temple, where they make “industrial” (in the sense “non-stop”) sacrifices of goats by decapitation to this god in order to gain her protection.

Two day after i arrive in Varanasi and there I am now, writing this post. Taking lessons from tabla masters, enjoying Indian life with friends and sunrise from Ganga river (and tchais).
The best event to record in my stay here is the Dhrupad Mela festival, with lots of concerts!  (for the recordings you’ll have to wait because now I’m without computer again!!).

In three days, after Holy, i’ll leave Kashi (Benares) with two friends. Rajasthan in Pushkar for some days and after going to Gujarat in Bhuj in the district of Kachchh.  Finally up to Jaisalmer my last big stop to have jew’s harps and blacksmith lessons.

Bye to all of you! See you soon, Mathto

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